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Discover now our comparison of the best Automatic Irrigation Equipment. It is never easy to choose from the wide range of offers. On the market, you will find an incalculable number of models, all at different prices. And as you will discover, the best Automatic Irrigation Equipment are not always the ones at the highest prices! Many criteria are used, and they make the richness and relevance of this comparison.
To help you make the best choice among the hundreds of products available, we have decided to offer you a comparison of the Automatic Irrigation Equipment in order to find the best quality/price ratio. In this ranking, you will find products listed according to their price, but also their characteristics and the opinions of other customers. Also discover our comparisons by categories. You won’t have to choose your products at random anymore.

SaleNo. 1
Automatic Watering System for Potted Plants, Plant Waterer with Smart Programmable Timer, Waterproof LED Display & Large Capacity Battery, Precise Distribution of Water, Gray
  • [State-of-the-art Program] While others are still trying to use higher and higher numbers to indicate superiority, we have developed the most intelligent program through repeated laboratory tests and user feedback. The adjustment range of each watering time is 0.2-15 minutes, and the adjustment range of watering frequency is once every 0.5 day to once every 15 days. Our automatic watering system allows each of your potted plants to drink enough water.
  • [Easy to use] Intuitive buttons, a large LED display, and expensive ergonomic appearance make every operation so easy and convenient for you. When you actually use this automatic plant waterer, you will sincerely discover the designer's efforts for user experience.
  • [Adjustable Water Volume] The dropper of the terminal can adjust the water output like a faucet. We can proudly declare that the automatic watering system can meet the water demand of all plants through our developed program and terminal dropper. The irrigation system can assign different water output to each terminal.
  • [Reject the Siphon Effect] The powerful motor rejects the siphon effect. You can place the programmer at any height without being restricted by the water source. More importantly, the battery capacity is 2600 mAh, and you can let the drip irrigation kit take care of your plants even if you go out for a long time.
  • [Waterproof IP66]

    Recommended for indoor use as this product is not resistant to heavy rain❗

    The black tube effectively prevents the growth of moss, so the tube that delivers water to the plants will never be blocked.
SaleNo. 2
Solar Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit System, JIYANG Solar Powered Auto Easy DIY Watering Device Supported Pots Plants, 6 Timing Modes with Anti-Siphoning Device (Supported 10-15 Pots, 6Timing Modes)
  • [Automatic Plant Watering Kit] It's powered by solar energy, can take water directly from containers such as buckets, without the need for a tap. It can automatically water your plants at preset time intervals and amounts, and will automatically alarm when the water pump is idling or water shortage in the container. A perfet designed for balconies, patios, small gardens without faucet and fixed power supply.
  • [Indoor&Outdoor Application] The water irrigation system is equiped with IP67 waterproof and sunlight resistance durable material. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Fix the product in a position where the solar panel can be exposed to direct sunlight and the side with the switch button must be faced down. The product can be inserted into the soil by using the ground stake, or be fixed with screws on the wall, fence, etc..
  • [Easy to Use with 6 Timer Modes] Press the MODE to select the watering frequency. Blue indicator light shows from left to right one by one according to your press. For the first light, it will water once per 12 hours for 5 minutes. Press the MODE again, the light will jump into the light 2, the system will re-time and will water as it selected. The watering flow is about 400ml/min, please select the number of drippers and the watering frequency according to your actual water demand of plants.
  • [Automatically Alarm]The buzzer sounds twice a minute during the day. The green indicator light flashes without a beep at night. It’s maybe the water pump or the filter is blocked, please clean them. Or there is no water in the container, please add water. You can unclog the pump by injecting some warm water into the pump inlet with a syringe(not included). Please restart the product, and the system will perform a watering and re-time after the trouble shooting.
  • [Long Vacation without worrying about plants] It's solar powered, and has the most power on the days water is needed most. It still functions after a few overcast days. 15-20 days duration after full charged. Just prepare a big container of water, select the watering frequency with the number of drippers. Then go for a happy long vacation.
  • A professional after-sales service team helps you From installation to operation. Please check the package after receiving, and let us know if there is any missing. We can also send some extra replacement Accessories at our cost, if you need. NOTE:The Solar Drip Irrigation Kit Can Support up to 15 Pots, but the Standard Accessories Comes with 10 Drip-Stake. You can order The Expansion Kit or Extra Acessories Kit if you want to water plants up to 15 pots, or want to change a new DIY Setup.
SaleNo. 3
MIXC 2023 New Quick Drip Irrigation Kit 100FT Garden Watering System,Garden Irrigation System Automatic Irrigation Equipment with New Quick Connector 1/4 inch Blank Distribution Tubing for Outdoor Plants Lawn Patio
  • MIXC 2023 New Quick Drip Irrigation Kit:MIXC new irrigation kit includes 100FT 1/4 irrigation tube,1pcs universeal faucet connector,1pcs3/4 connector with 1/4inch qucik tee,6pcs 1/4inch quick tee,10pcs T-joint nozzle,10pcs support stake,6pcs fan shaped emitter,2pcs black end plug,10pcs nylon black zip tie,1pcs user manual.
  • Easy to Install and Disassembe:MIXC new quick drip irrigation kit solves the problem of an old drip irrigation system that was difficult to install and disasseme,Save the installation time, save time and effort.
  • Reusability:The new quick drip irrigation kit can be reused, solving the problem that traditional drip irrigation is difficult to disassemble after use. When you are done using it, you can easily disassemble it,press to remove and it is easy to use it next time, plug and play.
  • Three Kinds of Irrigation: This drip irrigation set includes 2 kinds of drip emitters,the drip emitter can adjust different irrigation modes such as sprays, watering, etc.The precise watering system can solve the watering of plants in different locations,the water volume of each dripemitter can be adjusted individually to meet your needs.
  • Wide Application: The new quick automatic drip Irrigation Kit is fit for patio and lawn irrigation, courtyard,garden plants,roof cooling, agriculture, vegetables, greenhouses, flower beds, swimming pool mist cooling irrigation, etc.
No. 4
Drip Irrigation Kit,Big Power Automatic Watering System for Potted Plants-12 PCS Adjustable Water Flow Drip Head-Plant Watering Devices,30 Day Interval Programmable Timer,Watering on Working Days
  • 🌷 GERMAN TECHNOLOGY HIGH POWER SUBMERSIBLE PUMP: 5 times more power with innovative ultra-quiet German technology.Can make water pressure up to 1.5M height,water supply about 800ml per minute,reject the siphon effect,solve the water pressure problem - while providing at least 12 potted plants water source! This submersible pump has 3 suction cups at the bottom,the water inlet must be completely submerged in water,the power cord is 6.5FT long,waterproof
  • 🌷UPGRADED ADJUSTABLE WATER FLOW DRIP TIP: 12PCS drip hose at the terminal can adjust the water output like a faucet. Equipped with 24FT easy-to-connect food-grade silicone hose that won't bend or grow water plants.We are proud to announce that the automatic watering system can meet the water needs of all plants with our program and terminal drippers.The irrigation system can support delivering different amount of water to each plant
  • 🌷 EASY SETUP: Ergonomically designed for easy handheld setup,this kit provides all the accessories you need - within 5 minutes,you can install a drip irrigation system for your home's 12 potted or hanging plants.With a button-type programmable timer,setting a watering schedule is simple.After setting the timer,the settings are automatically stored in the device.There is no need to reset the timer every time you power cycle your device.
  • 🌷CE CERTIFIED POWER SUPPLY:with 5FT CE certified advanced external power supply,built-in over-current,over-voltage and short-circuit protection to provide stable voltage for self watering planter insert,it can provide a very stable water flow for your plants with the correct settings; irrigate your plants deeply so that you can make sure each dripper is working.
  • 🌱YOU WILL GET:1*Ultra quiet submersible pump,1*Rotary timer,1*CE approved external power supply,1*24FT silicone hose,12*Adjustable drip head,12*T connector,2* through-hoses,1 *hook,1* hose plug。All you need to do is find a suitable reservoir and start your automatic plant watering。During the holidays,busy schedules and changing weather,our plant watering devices will keep each of your potted plants drinking enough water.
  • ❗ 30-DAY FREE TRIAL: We don't want you to miss out on a 30-day free trial.No hassle,no commitment,cancel anytime.If you are not satisfied,please return it.Add to cart ASAP!
SaleNo. 5
MIXC 226FT Greenhouse Micro Drip Irrigation Kit Automatic Irrigation System Patio Misting Plant Watering System with 1/4 inch 1/2 inch Irrigation Tubing Hose Adjustable Nozzle Emitters Barbed Fittings
  • This micro drip irrigation kit is suitable for an area of 160 square feet. You can water all your plants at one time with 200FT + 26FT irrigation tubing. Simple installation without digging or plumbing skills. Instruction included.
  • The new garden watering system design 4x6-Way CONNECTOR can divide the water up to 16 tributaries, effectively increases the water pressure, perfectly solves the problem of lack of water at the end of the irrigation system. MEET ALL YOUR NEEDS.
  • MIXC micro drip irrigation kit comes with 3 types of sprayer,the drip emitter can adjust different irrigation modes such as microdroplets, sprays, watering, etc. every water spray nozzle could be adjusted individually according to its setting and needs.
  • Plants drip irrigation system can save up to 70% in water savings. Precision watering system delivers just the right amount of water slowly and precisely right where your plant needs it at the root zone.
  • Automatic irrigation kit is great for atomization, lawn irrigation, patios, roof cooling,agriculture, vegetable , greenhouse, flower bed, swimming pool misting fog cooling irrigation etc.
SaleNo. 6
Upgraded DIY Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit, 15 Potted Houseplants Support, Indoor Watering System for Plants, with Digital Programmable Water Timer
  • 🌿Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit: This kit is a system of water pumps, timers, tubes, and drippers that deliver the proper amount of water to each plant, which helps you avoid both under- and overwatering. It is a compact design for your home potted plant irrigation. vacations, busy schedules, and changing weather conditions can all leave flowers, veggies, and shrubs thirsty. Now Free your hands to water your plants with no worries.
  • 🌻Easy DIY Installation: In just 10 minutes, you can install a drip irrigation system for your home potted or hanging plants. The kit includes all necessary accessories - 33 ft of tubing, 15 watering stakes, multiple T-joints, and cross joints - making it easy for you to create your own watering irrigation kit.
  • 🌷Scientific Water-Saving Design: Using watering stakes can save at least 70% more water than traditional spray and drip heads. You can spot the water only where the roots need it, preventing water evaporation over time and making the drip system ideal for saving water during drought conditions. Generally, one gallon of water can last for at least three weeks for ten potted houseplants.
  • 🌱Digital Timer Display: Featuring an extra-large LCD screen with bright, easy-to-read text and dial, the kit includes a programmable timer, making it simple to set up your watering schedule. Once the timer is set, the settings are automatically saved to the device, eliminating the need to reset the timer each time you restart the power.
  • 🎍Two Power Options: This system can be powered by four AA batteries or Micro USB power. If the USB power fails, the pump will continue to run using AA battery power (if batteries are installed). This feature is excellent for urban patios and balconies where faucets are unavailable.
No. 7
HIRALIY 59FT Garden Watering System, Drip Irrigation Kits for Plants, New Quick Connector, Blank Distribution Tubing, Saving Water Automatic Irrigation Equipment for Patio Lawn
  • [This Drip Irrigation System Kit] A 39-piece drip irrigation system kit contains 49FT 1/4" irrigation tubing (Branch)+10FT irrigation tubing (Mainline), 1Pcs 6-way connector, 15Pcs adjustable sprinkler heads (Including quick connect tee), 1Pcs water Connector, 15Pcs Support rod, 1Pcs 15mm end plug, 4Pcs 1/4" end plug, without you having to buy any more tools.
  • [New Garden Watering System] The new garden watering system is designed with a 6-Way connector, using drip irrigation tubing as the mainline. Branch off with the 1/4" drip irrigation tubing and connect the drip irrigation emitters. Effectively increases the water pressure, perfectly solves the problem of lack of water at the end of the irrigation system
  • [Adjustable Drip Irrigation Kit] Every nozzle could be adjusted individually (to stop, to micro drip, to spray), and it can meet the water demand of different plants at one time. The irrigation sprinkler heads are detachable and easy to clean, so you don’t worry about clogging. What's more, the drip emitters have a support stake, convenient for placing in soil.
  • [Easy To Assemble & Use] New quick connector, plug-and-play irrigation tube, not easy to fall off and leak. It only takes 10 minutes from installation to operation. With a detailed user manual
  • [Wide Applications] HIRALIY new drip irrigation kit is great for lawn irrigation, patio, garden, vegetable irrigation, roof cooling, agriculture, flower beds, plant greenhouse, swimming pool mist cooling irrigation, raised bed, etc.
SaleNo. 8
HIRALIY 49.2FT Drip Irrigation Kit, Garden Watering System, 6x4mm Blank Distribution Tubing DIY Automatic Irrigation Equipment Set for Outdoor Plants, Micro Drip Irrigation Kit for Greenhouse Flower, Bed Patio, Lawn
  • [Adjustable Drip Irrigation Emitter] The drip emitter can be adjusted to stop, to micro drip, to spray, so you can use the water drip system to water many kinds of plants in your garden, and can save up to 50% in water savings. What's more, the drip emitters have the support stake, convenient for placing in soil.
  • [No-leaking Brass Splitter] The drip irrigation system kit provides the exclusive splitter, which has a solid brass construction and no rust. It can not only separate two drip line, but also be adjusted by the butterfly-shaped switch. US standard 3/4" threaded size, widely matching for the garden connector, such as outdoor faucet, hose splitter, garden filter, garden timer.
  • [Easy To Assemble & Use] Simple installation without digging or plumbing skills, simply insert the fittings and droppers, you can begin watering your plants instantly. The drip system kit includes the User Manual with the QR code to get the installation video.
  • [Wide Applications] Irrigation system kit is great for lawn, patio vegetable garden, plant greenhouse, flower bed, the raised bed.
  • [The Whole Kit to Make The Drip System] This automatic drip irrigation kit includes all accessories to make a drip irrigation system. 49FT(15m) black tubing, 1pcs brass splitter adapter, 12pcs Tee-connectors, 12pcs blue drip emitters.
SaleNo. 9
MIXC New Quick-Connect Drip Irrigation Kit, 100FT Garden Micro Automatic Irrigation System Patio Misting Plant Watering System with 1/4" Blank Distribution Tubing Adjustable Nozzle Emitters Sprinkler
  • Hassle-free Installation: Say goodbye to the complicated assembly process of traditional garden drip irrigation systems. Our MIXC micro drip irrigation kit features direct tubing and connector connections, eliminating the need for hot water heating or other means of heating. Additionally, it comes with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Upgraded Connector Design: MIXC new garden watering system has more convenient and tight connectors, solving the common issues of bursting, popping, disconnecting, or leaking hoses due to water pressure or temperature changes.
  • Leak-proof Two-ways Adapter: Our garden irrigation system kit includes 2 unique two-ways adapters that allow you to set up 2 sets of drip irrigation systems with ease. The US standard 3/4" threaded size two-ways adapter not only separates the two drip lines but also matches most garden connectors.
  • Water-efficient: Our plant drip irrigation system delivers water directly to the roots of your plants, minimizing evaporation and saving up to 80% of water. With our greenhouse automatic irrigation kit, you can water your plants more efficiently and effectively.
  • Wide Application: Our drip watering system kit is perfect for a wide range of applications, including lawns, gardens, patios, vegetable gardens, plant greenhouses, raised beds, flower beds, shrubs, and cooling irrigation. In addition, our 100FT/30.6M drip irrigation system kit comes with two types of sprayers, each with individually adjustable spray nozzles to meet your specific needs.
No. 10
Garden Automatic Irrigation System 164FT 200 Pack Drip Irrigation Kit 1/4" Blank Distribution Tubing Watering Drip Kit Automatic Irrigation Equipment for Garden,Patio,Greenhouse, Flower Bed,Lawn
  • Irrigation kit covers everything needed for a complete irrigation system, incl. 164ft of 1/4” tubing, quick connectors, adjustable nozzles, drippers, Tees, and other necessary components
  • Drip irrigation system comes with nozzles adjustable in spray force, highly customizable to meet the specific watering needs of your plants
  • Plant irrigation system delivers water directly to the plant roots, minimizing water wastage through evaporation or runoff
  • Garden watering kit coming with quick connectors, designed for quick and hassle-free setup
  • DIY irrigation system widely used for atomization, lawn irrigation, terraces, roof cooling, agriculture, vegetables, greenhouses, flower beds, swimming pools, etc

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